19:10 12-07-2007
je sais pas quoi dire en regardant la vidéo de Dua j'ai pleurer pleurer mais je sais pas comment faire je suis choquer et j'ai peur des hommes.

Je sais qu"elle est au paradis avec Allah soubanouh et ceux qui lui pris la vie ils le payeront en enfer.

elle voulait juste vivre aimer avoir une famille .
je soutiens sa famille et je suis avec vous. que dieu vous garde.
17:12 03-07-2007
Haci Bozkurt
Keşke Dua'lara katladilmeden önce sahip çıkabilseydik....
13:50 28-06-2007
lise Tollesen Slembe
I just wander who has made this side? If you please could answerd me by e-mail?
13:43 21-06-2007
mahmud saado
00:48 21-06-2007
To all who is reading this, When I saw this video I was more than touched. So I thought to myself ....How can these animals do something like this! This has nothing to do with religion! All of them so called men that was there to watch an angel be brought down are the last piece of s**t in this new world. I don't care about any excuse that one of them animals had not to stop this act. I would have died proudly with her if I had to. Atleast I would have tried to save this angel. My opinion is that everybody in this video is held responsible. I'm not religious but I am human and this is no way humanity. To the Yezidish people, Keep your head up and don't let nobody put you all in one basket. Assholes are raised by the minute. Peace and much
16:01 19-06-2007
majid al yezidi
message to all!!!!!!!!!! look the Yezidish people not all the same, and where you go you will find the bad and the good people. most of yezidish people weren't with that what happen to Dua. there is many muslem doing many crimes.
yhanks to the how now what i mean.
23:54 15-06-2007
There is way too much anti Yezidi propaganda, to many cries for holy war. Yezid who have nothing to do with what happend are being killed, because of Jihad mentality... I saw a video where they lined over 20 Kurdish Yezidi and shot them in a row. People were so proud.

Of course I hate what happend, nor am I going to justify what happend. I will say though, that it wasn't that long ago that woman were put to the steak
19:53 15-06-2007
Video Posted using du'a footage. VOTE FHERE to get this issue onto TV!

<embed src="" flashvars="videoType=vcc&videoID=35647424&country=us" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" height="360" width="335"></embed>
17:19 15-06-2007
Sick and inhumane!! Saddam brought sickness but this War has brought this Boasting. You have made the most beautiful collection, I love her beautiful eyes especially the baby picture where she has some tears. Her mother had dressed and placed those beautiful beads in her head So you think she is Devestated about her Baby, or what is she thinking, how she allows those Sons of her to come home and eat with her!!! Also all those Men who were doing and enjoying the Savage act went home to their wives, went in bed with them, also What their Daughters and Sisters were thinking??? Thank you for all Nice things you have put together. Please Do Not Advertise for Imprialist Power especially this Adminsstration, which Loves to Take Back Middle East and South America to Stone ages like Afghanistan so they Can Rule the Whole world like Sheeps, and Fill the Corporations like Haliburton, Chevron, with Middle Easts Blood "Blood for Oil".
As for Du'a and the Rest of the Native Americans in USA who survived their Genocide and massacare and now are Raped (3/5) Justice will come by us working with each other and Treat Each other as Equals! Teach Respect to Your Sons which is more important than love.
13:29 15-06-2007
R Corelli
I cannot believe what those animals did to you. They are cowards and do not belong to the human race. To each and every barbarian that cast their stone upon you, I wish 100 more time to them. Who gives these arrogant people the right to take the life of someone else? Where were the real men to defend this poor young lady? And of the fools who stood by and taped this horrid, disgusting and senseless violence on their mobile phones - what were you thinking? This was not entertainment - it was a pathetic, barbaric act. What kind of animals do this? So what honour did you restore? Those barbarians only proved to the rest of the world that they are worthless dishonourable animals not worthy of being called men. Disgusting, putride, sickening barstards. She was a beautiful young lady - how can an uncle, cousin or brother do that to a relation?
[FONT=arial]Rest in peace D'ua and may the murderers who took your precious life and the bystanders who stood there and took pleasure in your pain and agony go to HELL![/SIZE]
21:26 13-06-2007
Mark Hanson
I,m a U.N Force Colonel in charge in Iraq since 4 month ago .
Any one who knows the name and location of those persons which participated in such trgedy ,invited to contact me and give the information .
I reserved 4 shoot for each one of them and i promiss to kill all of them .
Col.Mark Hanson
06:22 12-06-2007
louise (australia)
03:08 12-06-2007
you are not human beying...
shame to you, o your stupid religion and to your existance...
22:34 11-06-2007
To Dua.
I will never forget you. You are a yezidi angel. We love you all.
I want some respekt from the muslims here, for Dua´s sick for the yezidi. Its not all yezidi who do thinks like this. Honor killing must stopped in Kurdistan! We will never forget you Dua. we all love you.
18:15 11-06-2007
Ania UK
To all my martyred sisters
there will be only one judgement at the end of the day
and Allah will ensure the punishment of these sheytans and kafirs not true muslim/Yezidi men

your sister forever in life and death

i wish i was there when they threw the first stone as i would have thrown myself over you as a big sister trying to protect her sibling
my heart and prayers are with your sisters

Your husband was meant to love and protect you forever instead he and his brothers killed you in cold blood and your little daughter is also missing Insha'Allah she is safe with you in Allah's paradise where she will feel no pain
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