10:25 30-08-2007
I hope God forgive all the humanity for parishing one of His angle. With this happen we people all deserve a natural desaster.
20:56 28-08-2007
May God Bless you......and keep you, you are safe now Du'a. You will never be forgotten.
08:47 27-08-2007
I saw the hurriable killing of Du'a, don't know how much honor they could get from killing a beautiful angel, An angel that in God's will, is saving hundered of other honor killing to come. kurds they should grew up, live with the reality love is exsist. you can take love away form a lover even by killing. this was an down time for Kurds. I home Kurdistan parlament can amend the law there to save other women.
10:56 24-08-2007
In this story her family are the big losser, But it's pitty they don't reilize it on close mind and selfish way. How her father and mother even uncle and brother who witness Duaa's blood, can continue life?
09:44 21-08-2007
I'm still stunned and can't believe thusands of evils killing only one angles, angles of love and beauty. I'm sure who ever participated in this horrible act they have to run for thier live. They can call themselfs Yazidis!
13:56 17-08-2007
I saw the video of this young helpless girl Dua and I was repulse to see that human beings can do this, these were cowards disgusting human beings that beat and stone a helpless 17 years old. I never even heard about Kurdish people before this story and to be frank I dont think much of the people that allowed this hurrendous act to take place in public. These type of images is what ruins the image of a country, you people must never allow this type of act to happen again.

May God rest that young beautiful girl in peace the world will never forget what those horrible men did to that girl. Disgusting, Vile act against human beings, you dont even kill animals like that.
23:20 16-08-2007
Maureen Michaels
It is impossible to believe that in the 21st century women are still treated like this. No wonder there is a gap between East and West. The men in the East need to be better education, but I doubt that this will ever happen.
16:13 16-08-2007
where is any ones god that they allow a young girl die like this.
05:13 16-08-2007
I just came upon this today and am ashamed that I had not learned of it sooner. I am making an art piece in your honor and I hope that others will learn from this atrocity and that such violence will end.
22:50 10-08-2007
This unbelievable inhumane act can´t be put in words. I agree with the opion below that she must be an instrument to show how inhumane this tradition of stoning is. I still hope that sometimes all people over the world will know that we´re all human beeings and not be different, neither women nor men, neither because of the colour nor the races nor the religious affiliation.
07:51 10-08-2007

These murderous lunatics have sealed their fate, they can take their honor and hide in a hole and quake.. because we're on the hunt.

Dua, my heart breaks.
20:06 09-08-2007
she was a very pretty girl...and so young
the killers of dua must go to prison for always of their life
she is now a beautiful angel
03:53 07-08-2007
kam kiani
she was an instrument of god who is going to save many lives by bringing this inhumane tradition to the eyes of public. she gave her life as christ did to save humanity. we will always honor her memory. and for those of you who make this a religious act, this is a shame for all humanity not just one religion.
19:09 19-07-2007
Since I first seen the horrible video (which I wish I had NEVER seen),I have found out a lot more than i did know,its opened my eyes to the problems over there,which is the only good thing about it.

The religions and laws are to inhumane,I found out if a family member embarrases there family because of who they love,or what they decide to do,the family feels the person has dishounered them,and is no longer a daughter of theres,so stoneing her to death doesnt mean anything to them because of this.
I am sure thats how it works over there,but for god sake its total madness.
A son or daughter should be loved regardless of what they do,and they see women onlyt as half value over there as well,and sounds like they are only limited to what they are allowed to do,yet men can stone them to death,I am realiseing over there is not a good thing to be a woman.
Thinking of the diferences over there and in the UK....I have a guy who worships the ground I walk,and cares about me very much,and I love him very much to,he would do ANYTHING FOR ME,totalyl different over there they have to walk around with only there eyes showing,and women sure arent respected over there,even here we have been fighting for equality for years,yet over tjhere is so cruel and have no respect for a persons live.
I still feel very sad about this person I saw stoned to death,and another story I read on this site about a girl who hade even left her family to do what she wanted and she was murdered as well,she say tat she has come a long way etc,and I found that story very very sad as well,and I find it really difficult to believe in this day in age hteres peopel on the world that actually think this way,and can do these things to there own family.
I really hope thi sis stopped somehow,but I can see it changeing somehow,if its there own families that are doing this to there own blood,that seem impossible to stop to me,its extremely sad,but whatever IT HAS TO STOP SOMEHOW!!!
07:58 18-07-2007
Repose en Paix dans le vaste paradis, et jamais je ne t'oublierais jamais.

Doha, ma chère Doha, tu est partie trop vite, non c'était trop tôt ils t'ont pris la vie pour un amour qui t'aura trahi.

Dieu est grand, il te protége et te garde a ces côtés.

Je pense à toi chaque jour, car pour moi tu est qu'une petite fille de 17 ans qui cherchait juste à vivre aimer comme tout le monde.

Vous avez tuer Doha , en pensant qu'elle avait fait des choses immondes vous l'avez tuer, car vous étiez jaloux de sa beauté,
vous l'avez tuer, car elle savait vivre mieux que vous,
vous l'avez tuer, tout simplement,
Ce jour du 7 avril 2007, toi son pére, toi son frére, toi son oncle, vous ses cousins, vous ses voisins, et vous les gens, vous avez Asassinée Doha pour un amour. Dites que c'est votre religion, mais Dieu n'a jamais dit une chose pareil, au contraire c'est celui qui étaint la vie d'un autre, qui sera puni et mener en enfer. Inchallah que les tous les gens et sa famille qui était présente ce jour la iront en enfer et se faire lapider comme ils le disent. Aucun d'entre vous ne la sauver, aucun d'entre vous c'est pris la peine de la protéger, vous êtes des être humains vous ressentez la douleur, en voyant le sang de Doha c'est moi qui est blésser et pour vous qui était présent ce jour sa ne vous à rien fait.

Votre digne n'existe pas pour moi, Une chose est sur c'est que un jour ou l'autre vous le payerez aux prix de Doha.

Doha est toujours vivante pour moi.
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