20:51 19-01-2008
Video Clip Name: Dozexi Vinos<BR>Nwenar Has sang this song Dozexi Vinos for Du'a a<BR><BR>Du'a Khalil Aswad (c. 1989 or 1990 – c. April 7, 2007) was a 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd of the Yazidi faith who was stoned to death in an honor killing.[1] It is believed that she was killed around April 7, 2007, but the incident did not come to light until video of the stoning, apparently recorded on a mobile phone, appeared on the Internet.<BR><BR>Dozexi Vinos by Nwenar

16:25 03-12-2007
Denise Trepanier
Je n'oublirai jamais Dua et la mort atroce que lui ont infligée des hommes de sa communauté. Depuis que j'ai vu le vidéo, je suis triste car ces images me reviennent constamment en tête. Comment des hommes ont pu faire une chose pareille? Ils n'ont pas de coeur! Je pense à toi Dua et je prie pour toi.
01:48 02-12-2007
nasim syed
Dua was killed nine months ago and the boy she died for is still hiding? shame on you....why don't you come out of your cave and do some thing for Dua you should have died saving her life how could you live like that did you see the video of her stoning? poor Dua she must be looking for you and thinking that you will appear from some where and save her life and where are Dua's friends, sister any member of her family has courage to tell us who was tha man who wsa screeming Kill her...where was the father did she has any brother...where are they were they involve in her killing we want to know, have there pictures posted so that we could atleast spit on there faces, Muhaunad shame on you and on every breath you take Dua died for you and you are hiding in the fear of death...could some one please tell more about her family members I mean father and brother are the collecting stones to kill some other Kurdish girl or will do some thin good on name of Dua for barbaric crim Honour killing
21:42 01-12-2007
nasim syed
my son send me the video of Dua killing he wrote " mom I cant watch this horouble it and you have to write for her" I was not able to sleep for days after watching the video I am a fiction writer and a poet I wrote her story I wish I could find out wher is the boy why he is hiding as for Dua no one could forget that beautiful girl ever please keep her alive
14:17 16-11-2007
I hope you are in peace ,i will pray that you are .I hope these people who did this will suffer for the rest of their life
13:48 01-10-2007
ineed the film to my email
01:27 30-09-2007
mögest du in frieden ruhen! allah wird sie richten für das was sie dir angetan haben
14:41 20-09-2007
I know that Dua is with God , and all thesee men who did this to her will for sure burn in Hell for eveI have a dream and I would like to share it with you. I dream that one day, friends of Dua, boys and girls, have visited her village in peace and built a small, beautiful monument for her. With their own hands. They planted colourful flowers around and also put a nice candle, so that the candle will carry the light foreverr .
02:15 19-09-2007
I saw this a long tiome ago now,never foprget this EVER,it really hurts to know people can do this to someone else,sorry but these people are definitely brainwashed to thihnk what htey are doing is right,if something like that happened here someone would stop itnot join in and record it on mobile pohones,relaly pathetic the whole thing,to be honest I am totally sickened by this,no I will never forget what people can do to other people,for ABSOLTE NOTHING!!!
What a shame,I am completely saddened by this story and have been everytime I thnk about it,hope this violence stops agains young women,even violence against women in this country is on the rise,but this is totally out of order,all women should be removed form that country for there safety sake,this is unbvelieveable to me,its deeply uspettiing to me to know this has happened to a young teenager,murdered by grown men or whatever the hell there suposed to be,women should be resepcted not covered up,they think we are whores and cows because we walk around half naked,but they are the dire opposite,they are only to show eyes,I thought womens rights were bad in this country?
My god this isnt even a woman its a little girl,this story really rips my heart out,never felt so sad about any story I have seen or read ever,Dua ios free from pain and flying like a white dove,like all those babies (misscarraiges and still borns) who die is innocent and has a special place up there,comfortable and happy...but all those men will burn in hell.
06:04 18-09-2007
Blok barankirdnî du'a kushtnî ashq,jian,azadî,mrovayetîe
7.4 roji res
12:39 10-09-2007
The film is not showing what the killers do with Du'a after killing her , Do they eat her? Those fuking Yazidis I don't want to insult animals by calling them animal!!!
22:13 02-09-2007
no comments
Zor dast Xoshitan le akm bo am malpara jwana. xwa agadara mn chan dameka ba dwai siteko weko ama agarem.. yaxwa dast o chawtan xoshbe barezan..
21:19 02-09-2007
ik heb de videos gezien en vind echt jammer dat ik de videos heb gezien. dat is geen onbegrijplijk f**k that people. het is haar leven ze mag tocht zelf weten wat ze doet. jammer echt. maar god ziet alles dus
09:25 31-08-2007
Nationality comes first and then religion, Both boy and girl where Kurd so what was everybody's problem. I thing Kurd's man have to respect their women much much more. I just don't understand how could a brother allow hemself to kill other brother duather. Honor killing comes when you live for others, Kurds families should learn to live their own life.
12:37 30-08-2007
That shikh who refuge Du'a a bit suspicious to me, He could be the one ordered her killed behind the scene. Since he was Yazidi hemself. He probably okayed when people entering his house and pulling out Du'a. Police guarding his house, if he had any complain he could have tell people out or seek police help.
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