23:17 04-05-2008
Nada justifica el hecho de pisotear el valor más grande de la humanidad como es el derecho a vivir, a tener una vida digna, muchas mujeres como Dua viven el calvario de vivir su vida sometidas por el sistema patriarcal y el extremismo de sus creencias religiosas al grado de llevarlas a la muerte de la manera más cruel y despiadada, ningún ser humano merece un trayo de esa manera; justificar los actos por sus creencias es simplemente pasar por alto los valores yderechos a la vida y a la dignidad que todoser humano posee.

Debemos poner un alto a estre trato inhumano que se escuda en el honor de una comunidad, justificando los actos más atroces y oscuros de mentes enfermas que durante siglos han aprovechado los privilegios religiosos para pisotear a nuestras mujeres y niñas

10:10 01-05-2008
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12:46 30-04-2008
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13:03 17-04-2008
i sray all day when i so that video. Du’a Khalil Aswad rest in peace...
19:33 16-04-2008
Dua we will never forget , rest in peace.
08:01 10-04-2008
11:13 07-04-2008
A year today. May your memory live to inspire all women for all the years to come. May the Universe crash the beasts that made you a martyr. May you rest in peace my angel. The whole world loves and HONORS you.
04:45 04-04-2008
Dua's voice
As Dua's one year sad anniversary approaches in just a few days, we are asking EVERYONE to go to the Kurdistan stoning petition, sign and put in the comment area: Dua we will never forget even if you signed before, sign again, the conference in memory of Dua and other honor killing victims is coming up April 12, 2008 in London and we want to take this petition to the conference showing those there that NO ONE has forgotten Dua Aswad and that we still demand justice. Please go to and sign your name and put in the comment area: Dua we will never forget ask all your friends to do the same - we need this signed as soon as possible. Bless you Dua - we will NEVER forget you - you are in all of our hearts throughout the world! I will continue to defend your honor and see that justice is served - you did not die in vain!
00:45 01-04-2008
عبد الحكيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
أعتذر إن كنت أكتب هذه الأسطر بلغتي العربية البسيطة، وإن كان أكثر الناس لا يفهمونها فإن التعبير عن هذه المشاهد البشعة لا يمكن أن يكون إلا بلغة الأم، وأعتقد جازما إن كان هناك من لا يفهم لغتي العربية البسيطة فإن الكثيرين منكم يمكنه أن يفهم ما تعنيه الكلمات ويشعر ما أعنيه ما بين أسطر العبارات، وبصقتي كإمام خطيب مسجد من مساجد ولايات الجزائر، ومن خلال ما قرأته وأقرأه وأدرسه للناس دائما من تعاليم الإسلام الحنيف فإنني أجزم لكم صادقا غير كاذب أن ما رأيتموه من خلال قنوات الأنترنت لا يمت إلى الإسلام بشيء، أما الحدود فإنها شرعا لا تقام في زمان الفتن ولا في أرض الحروب ، أما الرجم فإنه لا ينبغي أن يرجم العبد إلا وهو في حفرة من الأرض، أما الثياب فلا يجوز أن تكشف العورات، أما الحدود وإن توقع أن تكون فلا يثبت حدّ الرجم إلا بأربعة شهود، أمّا اللعن والقذف فإن الحد كقارة لها قلا يجوز أن تلعن الفتاة، أمّا الحشود فلا أظنهم بشرا فضلا أن يكونوا مسلمين. أبرأ إلى الله من أن يكونوا مسلمين ممن قال فيهم النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم:خياركم خياركم لأهله وأنا خيركم لأهله.. وقال صلى الله عليه وسلم لأحد الصحابة: ..فإذا ضربت فاجتنب الوجه. وقال صلى الله عليه وسلم: اتقوا الله في النساء فإنهن عندكم عوان..وأنصح ممن كان له غيرة على أهله ودينه أن يهجر من هذه البقعة الظالم أهلها حتى لا تتكرر مثل هذه المناظر.. أفلم تكن أرض الله واسعة فيهاجروا فيها.. ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العظيم.. وتوبوا إلى الله جميعا أيها المؤمنون لعلكم تقلحون. رحم الله الفتاة وعوضها خيراً من ذويها والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
02:20 14-03-2008
The Vow
April 7th is near. I remember this heartbreaking video with the same tears of last year. This, I think, was the first time time anyone had 'filmed' a ritual 'stoning' and distributed it onto the internet. The folk who did that were no better than peadophiles. The Koran and the Bible both advocate this kind of primate behaviour. with this in mind, is it any wonder that our entire planet is in such a Psycolgical, Spritual, Ethical, Environmental mess? Or are we still no better than Monkeys despite our so 'holy' revelations.... .. ?
We need to Evolve,
Otherwise we will be another Index fossil of organic failure.
Lets begin that change now. April 7th. Remember.
04:58 21-02-2008
I saw the full video, about 20 minutes worth, I've seen the short one too many times, after seeing the full video I understood why the two police did nothing, it was a mob scene, thousands, it looked like an entire football stadium had gone down onto the field and in the center was a small opening of people with Dua was laying on the ground, those cowards kicked, beat, stoned her over and over, then one would pick up her arm or leg to see if she was alive and drop her arm and start kicking her again over and over, no one came forth to help, there were 50 cameras taking close up pictures of her face, what was left of her face, when they decided she was dead they each grabbed a leg and arm and dragged her spread eagle away, the camera faded off as they went through the crowd, displaying Dua like some sort of prized murdered animal. I was in shock, I still am, I cannot believe human beings could do this and what is most disturbing is that not one person, NOT ONE, came forth to help her, how can so many people be so ignorant, are they so inbred because they are not allowed to marry outside their group, they are all mentally disturbed. The only comfort I can think of is that after Dua's murder the Yazidis were bombed and over 500 were killed, I only hope it was those 500 that were the ones that stoned and kicked her to death. Remember, what goes around comes around, I hope a day does not go by that those murderers do not hear her screams and see her blood on their hands. I hope every living day is a painful memory of what they did to her and there is no doubt in my mind that when they die they will go directly to hell - Dua we all love you, we respect you and we know you did not die in vain. You represent all the victims of honor crimes, I wish we could somehow build a memorial for you so that people would have a place to visit and pay their respects, until that day, we will look to heaven and know you are at peace. Do not hate her boyfriend, if you had seen the full video you would see that there was no way he could have helped her, I did hear that after her murder 20 Yazidis were hung by "unknown" people, this does not count the 23 that were taken off the bus and shot two weeks after her murder. Dua - bless you sweet child, you are in a better place now! - Judy
23:05 16-02-2008
Yes im shervan's friend and shervan's death fucked my heart b4 seeing another victim of this violent society !! shervan died in my arms and after burrying him i had to wath Dua dying 4 the same reason..
what kind of humans r we?
01:51 16-02-2008
balal iqbal
there are police there and they dont do nothin i wish that police should be fired and died in hell.... the police are cowards
01:17 16-02-2008
Balal Iqbal
may she rest in peace...
20:58 19-01-2008
Nwenar Ahmad Has sang this song Dozexi Vinos for Du'a a
Du'a Khalil Aswad (c. 1989 or 1990 – c. April 7, 2007) was a 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd of the Yazidi faith who was stoned to death in an honor killing.[1] It is believed that she was killed around April 7, 2007, but the incident did not come to light until video of the stoning, apparently recorded on a mobile phone, appeared on the Internet.

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