12:52 29-10-2008
Sana bunu yapanlar cezasız kalmayacaktır.Rabbim onlara öyle bir ceza verecektir ki , son nefeslerinde senin ismin dökülecektir dudaklarından.Yattığın yerde huzuru bul.Ruhun şad olsun.
ALLAH taskiratını affetsin ..
18:12 23-10-2008
U were the only ANGEL in that community of Beasts.

MAY ur SOUL rest in peace and may EVERY BASTARD u was present there burn in this world ..

LOV U....
08:43 10-10-2008
11:27 14-08-2008
Peter Späder
Grausam wozu Menschen fähig sind.Und das alles in Namen irgendeines Gott.
20:28 03-08-2008
You were a young woman, discovering the life,..looking for happiness, to live life to the fullness.. Live was given to you, as a present, from Godfather, in deepest love. - What then happened - It's beyond words.
But now you are safe, in God's hands.
May your spirit light in peace and freedom.

We think of you- all- in deepest love.
08:29 12-07-2008
i am really shocked to see this is unbeliveable . ALLAH Bless you my are in HEAVEN now. :''(
23:58 23-06-2008
I am so sorry that this is happening to women on this planet. My heart breaks for those who go through this violent oppression - whether it be stoning, a beating or any other form of abuse. It just makes me sick.
18:56 14-06-2008
Qet labirt nakeyn !

Kurd eqli heshta zor zor la pasha baxwa !
05:56 13-06-2008
Douglas G. Barbosa
Peace for All
05:54 13-06-2008
Douglas G. Barbosa
A Du'a com todo o carinho e a todas mulheres que passaram o que ela passou, e que nunca nos esquessamos o que essas mulheres sofreram e de mulheres que estão sofrendo agora, que deus conforte a todos, traga paz e amor ao coração delas de forças para suportarem as umilhações do dia dia, e que sempre tenham fé em deus , enfim que possamos construir um futuro digno um futuro que nossos filhos e netos não presenciam essas barbaries, paz para todos Jesus nos ama ele só ele pode nos confortar nos momentos tristes da vida.
03:29 11-06-2008
Its not time to blame,its time to do something. LET US MAKE THE FAMOUS MEDIA'S TO SPEAK.What r UN leaders doing? Only sitting on conferences and talk about crimes that give them benifits?Let us make them speak and stop these barbaric actions. MEDIA IS THE KEY PLEASE.
03:08 11-06-2008
Realy its boilling my heart in each every moment i remember the video of Duaa's killing. I wonder what kind of evil can a child like Duaa or Sarah Jaafar do to deserve the horrible deaths. I was never aware that there are people capable of killing there own child in the name of there God to honour there families till i was shown Duaa's killing clip.
My opinion is that, let us all request the famous medias like BBC, CNN, AL JAZEERA etc,to pressure the UN humanitarian orginisation's to make a vital consideration on this matter. If these media's take at least 3 minutes aday to publish the honour killing news, our goal wil be achirved and honour killings will stop. As an individual i will try to mail these media's n present the request. Please do the same.
Saeed from Oman
00:36 11-06-2008
18:19 01-06-2008
Dios mio respeto no solo a las mujerres si no a la vida, a que va a llegar este mundo, por favor no criemos nuestros niños con violencia para que no lleguen a hacer esto. las mujeres como Dua tiene que soportar esto, ojala que esto se acabe. Que su cultura a prenda a respetar la vida.
04:07 30-05-2008
no mas muertes a mujeres mas respeto hacia ellas injusticia con todo esto las mujeres somos y seres mos importantes ante todo no jusgadas por nuestros actos
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