20:06 20-02-2016
Rest In Peace Du'a Khalil Aswad. GOD will take care of you now Princess, Your Gone but Never forgotten. You truly were beautiful. The video of your death got spread all over the world via Internet, it is awful that the horrible video is out there for anyone to see, but the video of your death has bought attention & reality to how barbaric these "Honor" killings are and maybe now people know about it & can see for themselves how disgusting these murders are, maybe we can do something more to prevent murders like Du'a Khalil Aswad's from happening again. Rest In Peace beautiful & sleep tight I hope your in safe hands now xxxxxxxx
18:11 07-01-2013
f**k yazidis fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk of this persons that killed poor girl fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk
18:03 07-01-2013
f**k all peoples that were in the crime location .they are lower than of animals .they must go to hell together their cheap religion (yazidi) f**k yazidi fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk all yazidis on this criminal scenes.
poor girl.
19:58 02-07-2012
Busters! They not have are nothing humansly. This peopels was murders! Im not a have say still...
11:46 22-07-2011
Arindam Ray
What can I say more? I have been following all these "Honour killing" and Stoning cases for more than 5 years now. It is pathaetic. I really do not know what else to say about the barbaric nature of the act. Wrote a book recently with this subject. But all my efforts to let people know about Dua, Soraya, Benez, Shaubu, Sabat, Banti, Babli and many many others are going in vain. Everyone is so busy with their career, life & biulding money in bank! But, one day - One day i will raise my voice to the ultimate and will show the world, how these acts have stopped the breathing of many innocent lives!
11:40 03-02-2011
Dear Du'a,
so so so sorry that you had to go thru that. i hope no one ever suffers like you did. Du'a I didn't know humans can be that cruel. May your soul Rest in Peace forever. I can't even imagine how your parents and love one must have felt when all this happened. I didn't even know you few days ago after seeing your fate i was speechless. you will remain in my heart FOREVER DU'A KHALIL ASWAD.
06:13 13-11-2010
John B. Moreland
See you in the kindom, sweet Du'a
05:11 19-09-2010
May the 'chirping' of these demonic barbarians haunt these 'men(?)' all their days. May their days be short. May they die even a slow torturous death as they with wanton unabashed glee visited upon this poor, sweet, young child. May no mercy be shown them.
16:03 20-07-2010
They will never know and understand the meaning of LOVE and PEACE... They are a real BEASTS and CRIMINALS.... and i am sure that one day they will have the same fate...

Rest in Peace Dua...
05:22 10-04-2010
musa'ed Naddaf
first of all i want to thank you for making this web site to honour this martyr who was killed for nothing but being a normal human being. when i heard about this crime and saw that terifying video i was totally in shock.
everyone is responsible to fight this ugly thoughts which allowed to criminals to kill inicent people.
Rest in peace Dua.
23:16 02-12-2008
What a beautiful girl !!
İ know you are resting in peace. İ wish i could take you out of that grave only covered with rocks & stones which killed you and put you into a one which a beautiful girl like you will deserve.
The boy that loved you i hope he will never forget you aswell !!
Love you Dua !!!
02:25 30-11-2008
I will pray for you sweety, after seeing what they have done to you I feel scared of muslim people( I'm so sorry to say this, I love islam, I swear to God), if somebody sees my comment, pls tell me if this is allowed in islam cos I have heard that it is allowed, I need some spiritual guidance, thank you, god bless you all, god bless u dua, eventhough I have never met u, u are my sister and I'm looking forward to see you in heaven. XXXX I will never forget u
00:07 11-11-2008
love 4ever kurdistan
09:02 08-11-2008
after looking that clips ........

no words i have in my mind i m just blank.there is just grief , pain, .....
this is the cruel side of humanity.
oh ALLAH MIYAN JI !!!!!!!!
all those innocent girls.
and have mercy on all of us who are alive and dead,
and give a very best place to DUA IN JANNAH WITH HER LOVE.
LOVE U DUA.................!!!!!!!!!!
00:08 03-11-2008
Still remembering you D'ua x
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